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Small Pick and Pull Foam Insert

Small Pick and Pull Foam Insert

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Pick and Pull Foam Inserts help as you store and travel with delicate items, giving you more protection and more ways to customize the inside of your stash box! This custom fitting foam goes a step further to protect the items you don’t want moving around, with perforated, removable sections that allow you to create snug, custom shapes to perfectly fit around your items. 

The customization possibilities of your LOCKGREEN™ stashbox are endless, giving you the protection needed to securely store and travel with all types of items in your own way.

  • Perfect for storing or transporting small glass pieces, pipes, bubblers, bowls, jars for flower and concentrates, or other delicate items in your Small LOCKGREEN™ stash box
  • Comes in 2 pieces: a ½ inch foam base (6.5 x 5in) and a 1 inch layer of Pick and Pull Foam (7 x 5.5in)
  • Pick and Pull Foam is perforated in ½ in square sections that are slightly connected so that it stays intact, but can also be easily separated by hand to fit your needs.
  • A tutorial video is available on this page to help you customize your own Pick and Pull Foam insert!
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